NeuBelle Treatment

NeuBelle treatment, sometimes referred to as Glabella Furrow Relaxation (GFX), is a minimally invasive, in-office approach to inhibit nerve function. Performed by a surgeon, the treatment uses radio frequency energy to selectively relax motor nerves that control facial muscles, disabling them, and relaxing the associated muscle.


The most common areas of usage are for inhibiting the nerves controlling the forehead muscles. Once the resting tone of these muscles is weakened, the pull of the muscles relaxes and the skin flattens out. This is an exciting and different approach from methods using neuro-toxins and injectable fillers for treating the aging face.

 Achieve Long Lasting Results

Collagen and autologous fat injections work by filling in a wrinkle. Neuro-toxins works by softening wrinkles in the upper third of the face by weakening the muscles of your forehead and between your eyebrows, but its effects are temporary and require repeat maintenance injections every 3-4 months to retain a wrinkle- free brow and forehead. In contrast, Neubelle inhibits nerve function for up to 12 months.

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