The NeuBelle™ System

The NeuBelle™ System

The NeuBelle™ System is an FDA cleared technology that combines Bi-polar Radiofrequency (RF) energy with stimulation energy in one hand-held probe. This combination allows the user to locate a motor nerve with great precision and treat that nerve with controlled delivery of RF energy.

The NeuBelle™ System provides a minimally invasive technique for creating a neural lesion inhibiting the function of the target nerve.  The Generator and probe are used as a system to both stimulate the nerve for the purpose of correctly locating the probe and creating a neural lesion to inhibit nerve function through the application of RF energy. The probes are single use devices supplied sterile to the customer.

Neubelle Testimonial

Dr. James Newman

M.D., F.A.C.S.

I have performed over 100 procedures with the NeuBelle System. The results have been highly consistent and my patients are very satisfied. The technology is best-in-class and has become a mainstay in my clinical practice.
Indication for Use: The NeuBelle system is intended to create radiofrequency (RF) heat lesions in nerve tissue. It is intended for use only by trained clinicians in a hospital or clinical setting.